KDPC Power Supply Change From 110 Volts to 220/240 Volts AC (Europe/Australia)
  1. **IMPORTANT**      There are STATIC SENSITIVE circuits and components inside the KDPC unit.
    If available, use a grounding strap! In any case, AVOID TOUCHING any components on the internal circuit board!

  2. **IMPORTANT**     Disconnect the KDPC unit from the AC power, and disconnect thermocouples and other cabling connected to the unit.

  3. Remove the four screws on the top and bottom edges which hold the faceplate to box.

  4. The faceplate, together with the circuit board may now be removed from the box, with wires to the AC power connector left attached.

  5. Turn the faceplate face down so the circuit board is exposed, and use an Allen Wrench to remove the four screws holding the circuit board to the faceplate.

  6. Remove the faceplate and turn the circuit board over so the components are exposed.

  7. Change the KDPC AC supply voltage setting from 110 volts to 220/240 volts as follows:
    With the components exposed and the RJ-11 connectors towards the bottom, the circuit location for making the operating voltage changes is towards the top right corner of the circuit board. There is an area labeled "220v 110v". If you look closely at the circuit pads, the two pads closest to the 110v label have a connection between them. This has to be cut using a blade or sharp knife. Ensure that the cut has broken the trace between the two pads - use a magnifier if necessary. Next, to enable 220/240 volt operation, a short jumper wire must be soldered between the two pads closest to the label marked 220v.

    Refer to the diagram at right --->

  8. Using a pair of wire snippers, remove the 130 Volt MOV.

  9. Screw the faceplate and circuit board together using the four allen-head screws. Manoeuver the faceplate back into the box, and secure the faceplate to the box with the four philips-head screws.

  10. Reconnect the thermocouple cable, Switching Unit cable, PC Serial cable and the AC power cable.

  11. The KDPC unit is now ready for operation at a mains supply voltage of 220/240 volts AC.

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