Kilntrol Digital / PC:
     Features / Specifications:
PC graphical setup and control
Dial-in for remote monitor and control
PID control for smoother tracking
Optional gas control with 4-20mA loop
Link 2 or 3 channels to one profile
PC can control up to 6 channels
Use stand-alone or with a PC
Unlimited profiles on PC's disk
Use with type K or S thermocouples
15 control ramp segments per profile
  Stores 20 profiles in stand-alone mode
Set point temp range up to 3000 degrees
Thermocouples linearized within 1 degree
Power-off program storage
Intelligent power failure recovery
Set point time entry in hours and minutes
Easy to read alphanumeric LCD display
Audible alert for temperature errors
Digital microprocessor control circuitry
Power requirements: 120 or 240 VAC

The new PC features make it VERY EASY to setup your controller, but if you choose, you can still operate WITHOUT A PC! This represents a major backup capability if your PC is down or being used for something else!

Remote Control over the phone line! This feature enables you to REMOTELY MONITOR temperature and CONTROL the operation of the kiln over the phone line!

The system switching unit has high-temperature cutoff circuitry that will shut down the furnace or the kiln if the temperature exceeds a pre-determined limit!

The actual fully functional program that runs the Kilntrol Digital/PC (v2.01) is available for download!
    Click here to Download the installer now: KDPC.EXE   (SETUP.EXE
    Or Download the program file only:  KDPC.EXE   (KDPC.EXE )

Kilntrol Digital / PC software upgrade instructions are HERE

Kilntrol Digital / PC firmware EPROM upgrade instructions are HERE

A few brief notes on PID setup and tuning for kilns are located HERE

Procedure for changing supply voltage from 110 to 220/240 volts is HERE

Kilntrol Digital / PC control program screenshots - click for full size:

Kilntrol Digital / PC pictures - click for full size:

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